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100% Open-Source

More than 450 IoT platforms promise the same:

The connected factory

… and sell this as added value.

However, a connectivity solution has to be open and deployable for everybody

  • Independent of a machine manufacturer
  • For every asset in every smart factory
  • Independent of a platform provider
  • Industrial grade safety standards

Only an open source solution can offer these benefits!


A smart factory solution - suitable for everybody

That’s where IndustryFusion comes into play.
Every manufacturer should have the opportunity to make his factory smart. 
An intelligent, cross-vendor connectivity of the machines in a factory creates unprecedented transparency and forms the required basis to produce more efficiently, save resources and deliver the tools to strategically manage your company. But most important – it enables especially small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to remain competitive for generations to come.
The future of SMEs, therefore, lies in the transformation to smart factories. Nevertheless, over 80 % of all SMEs in Europe haven’t taken any comprehensive steps to push digitalization of their productions yet. This is mainly caused by the fear of excessive costs, vendor lock-in and a lack of capacity to deal with this issue in-depth. In addition, many SMEs don’t have a clear implementation strategy.


Connects any asset to any cloud…

IndustryFusion is the first open source smart factory solution offering manufacturer-independent connectivity across asset, factory and cloud platform. The simplicity of its implementation and usage is a key element of IndustryFusion, which empowers especially SMEs to benefit from the advantages of a large Industry 4.0 ecosystem.

Der schematische Aufbau einer vernetzten Fertigung mittels IndustryFusion - beinhaltet die Anlagen-, Fabrik- und Ökosystemebene
Schematic representation of a smart factory with IndustryFusion.


IndustryFusion - the open and scalable smart factory connectivity solution

Cross-vendor interoperability

Cross-vendor connectivity between assets, as interoperability is being created through unified semantics.

Platform-independent operation

IndustryFusion can be deployed on different embedded hardware, servers and cloud infrastructures.

Use of established & open standards

We don't want to reinvent the wheel. Therefore we rely on established standards for communication and architecture.

Independent deployment

FusionOS connect, FusionOS and the Fusion Semantics Manager are designed together, but can also be used independently from each other.

Open APIs

IndustryFusion allows the integration of 3'rd party platforms via APIs and seamlessly integrates existing infrastructures.

Modular and scalable

No matter if you are going to integrate 1, 100 or 1.000 assets - IndustryFusion is suitable for factories of any size.

Edge, Hybrid or Cloud-Deployment

IndustryFusion can be hosted on-premise or in any desired cloud - the factory owner has the choice. Edge or cloud - in either case, all functions of a smart factory can be utilized.

The Operating System​

Provides the highest security & performance

Icon des FusionOS connect Smart Factory Betriebssystems

FusionOS connect

Easily turns any machine into an interoperable Industry 4.0 component
FusionOS connect Betriebssystem vernetzt Maschinen unterschiedlicher Hersteller intelligent miteinander
  • Machine connectivity
  • Unified semantics
  • Machine-Apps
  • Cross-vendor interoperability
  • Wireless technologies like 5G
Icon des FusionOS Smart Factory Betriebssystems


Unites all information and creates the transparent smart factory suitable for any SME

Bildschirm mit IndustryFusion zur Steuerung der Smart Factory für den Mittelstand

Cumulates data of all assets and creates a transparent image of the factory

Allows an easy setup & collaboration of assets

Hosts apps & services on the factory level

Icon des Fusion Semantik Managers

Fusion Semantics Manager

Enables an intelligent and cross-vendor configuration and management of the semantics

Create asset capability profiles​

Define which data & information should be communicated by an asset. Thereby you can utilize a comprehensive database of preconfigured asset capability profiles.

Define asset functions​

Determine which functions an asset can perform – no matter if standalone, by interacting with other assets or with applications – IndustryFusion creates truly standardized cross-vendor interoperability.

Der Fusion Semantik Manager lässt Maschinen intelligent miteinander kommunizieren
To reduce complexity the user is being guided through the process of semantic description.

Development Roadmap

What's up next?​

The IndustryFusion development roadmap is based on the requirements of the manufacturing industry.

Get involved!

Shape the digital future of SMEs and benefit from countless opportunities to build and connect your business models to IndustryFusion.
Intelligente Smart Factory Vernetzungslösung via IndustryFusion am iPad
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Our Partners

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Become a part of an active community of partners & developers, who actively shape the IndustryFusion ecosystem, and benefit from countless opportunities to build and connect your business models to IndustryFusion.

What we
already achieved

Explore smart connectivity of machines via IndustryFusion live at the Industry Business Network 4.0 e.V. reference plant. Learn more about its features through numerous practical use cases.

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Together for a digital future of SMEs​

Through IndustryFusion, Fraunhofer IGCV supports the specific development and realization of an Industry 4.0 solution that will quickly deliver tangible benefits, especially for SMEs.
Professor Dr. Johannes Schilp
Prof. Dr.-Ing.
Johannes Schilp
Fraunhofer IGCV
As an innovative mid-tier machine and plant manufacturer we make an effort to build our Industry 4.0 strategy on an open and vendor-independent solution. On top of performance & security IndustryFusion meets exactly these requirements.
Dr. Michael Schnick
Dr.-Ing. Michael Schnick
CEO Kjellberg Group
IndustryFusion enables especially small and midsize companies to profit from the added value of a smart factory. TÜV SÜD Product Service GmbH is interested in the announced project and fully supports its realization.
Dr. Andreas Bärwald
Dr. Andreas Bärwald
Head of Software Solutions TÜV SÜD Product Service GmbH


German SMEs are world
leaders in their industry

To continue this success story...
... IndustryFusion ensures their digital future.