Frequently asked Questions around the IndustryFusion Ecosystem


What industries is IndustryFusion suitable for?

At the moment IndustryFusion focuses on manufacturers. Soon IndustryFusion will become available for other Industries such as energy, construction, farming, infrastructure and much more.

Which components does IndustryFusion include?

IndustryFusion consists of three software stacks. Designed mutually which operate autonomously.
FusionOS connect – FusionOS – Fusion Semantic Manager.

Is every asset IndustryFusion compatible?

Yes – every asset can easily be connected using IndustryFusion. IndustryFusion can be integrated on board or used with an external gateway.

What is the philosophy behind IndustryFusion?

IndustryFusion started as the idea to enable SMEs realize their IIoT strategies. We seek to contribute a distinctive part in the future of digitalization. Our goal is to provide SMEs with the necessary infrastructure to stay on top in an ever increasing competitive market.

Does IndustryFusion start at zero?

Absolutely not, we rely on established opensource frameworks and standards. Newly developed parts adapt these frameworks precisely fitting for your needs

Is IndustryFusion for free?

Yes – all three software stacks will be opensource and free for use.

The User

How can I use IndustryFusion as machine producer?

IndustryFusion is a simple and efficient way to make your assets smart. This enables you to envision new business models and take your products to the next step.

How can I use IndustryFusion as a manufacturer?

IndustryFusion will network your factory by a plug and play solution. IIoT applications and services will be provided and offer you the possibility to cut costs, increase efficiency and in the long run gain new customers.

How do I host IndustryFusion in my company?

It’s simple and user friendly. You can choose between edge (in your own factory) or cloud. There is also the possibility to use hybrid cloud storage systems. In the end you decide which solution is the best four you. But IndustryFusion will offer you the all advantages with each choice.

Is IndustryFusion compatible with other IIoT platforms?

Yes – IndustryFusion offers you the possibility to run with other platforms. We will continusly work on offering you the best compatibility possible.

Is IndustryFusion compatible with existing structures?

Yes – Industry Fusion is compatible with existing ERP, MES and CRM Systems.

The Software developer

How can I use IndustryFusion?

We offer you an open source framework which is thought to be the basis for your products. The Fusion Store allows you to offer your products in the same way you are used to offer and buy apps in the consumer market.

How difficult will it be to offer my software in the Fusion Store?

IndustryFusion is based on open source networks and will make it easy for you to adapt your software to IndustryFusion. We support you by constantly creating new and updating existing software development kits.